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Tobacco Legislation in South Australia

The Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997 is the Act in South Australia that regulates tobacco sales, distribution and use of tobacco, including areas where smoking is prohibited. 

The Tobacco Products Regulations 2004 are the regulations under the Act.

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South Australian Government Gazette:


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  Tobacco Legislation Timeline  


  • First health warning appeared on cigarette packaging (1973)
  • Advertising on television and radio is banned, except accidental or incidental (1976)


  • State and Territory Governments amended their legislation to include four new health warnings for tobacco product packaging (1985)
  • Smoking is banned on Australian domestic flights (1987)
  • The Tobacco Products Control Act 1988 is passed in South Australia (1988)
  • Advertising at sporting events (some exemptions) is banned in South Australia (1988)
  • Advertising is banned in print media (e.g. magazines) (1989)


  • The Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act 1992 is passed by Federal Parliament.  Eventually banning all forms of tobacco advertising, except point of sale advertising which is the jurisdiction of the states and territories (1992)
  • The Federal Government makes major changes to the excise and customs duty on tobacco products causing prices to increase significantly (1992)
  • The legal age for purchasing tobacco products is increased in South Australia to 18 years (1994)
  • Smoking on public transport is banned in South Australia (1994)
  • Federal Parliament amended the Trade Practices Act 1974 to ensure uniform labelling of health warnings on tobacco products (1995)
  • Smoking is banned on international flights (1996)
  • The Tobacco Products Regulation Act 1997 is passed in South Australia (1997)
  • Smoke-free dining is introduced in South Australia (1999)


  • All enclosed workplaces and public places (except licensed hospitality venues) became smoke-free (2004)
  • Restrictions on the number of points of sale of tobacco products and requirement for separate retail tobacco licences (2004-05)
  • Advertising at point of sale banned (2005)
  • Nationally, graphic health warning labels for tobacco products were introduced (2006)
  • Ban on sale of fruit flavoured cigarettes (2006)
  • Ban on sale of cigarette packets which can be divided into portions that contain less than 20 cigarettes (2006)
  • Ban on smoking in vehicles when children under 16 are present (2007)
  • Hospitality venues became completely smoke-free in all enclosed areas, including: pubs, clubs, bingo venues and the Casino (2007)
  • Restrictions on the display of tobacco products, including the need to display a graphic health warning poster where products are on display and limiting the size of tobacco product displays (2007)
  • Ban on including tobacco sales in customer loyalty schemes (2008)
  • Ban on retail sale of tobacco via mail, telephone, facsimile transmission or internet or other electronic communication (2008)
  • All tobacco vending machines must have staff intervention (2008)
  • Ban on the display of tobacco products at temporary stalls (2009)


  • Point of Sale display of tobacco products banned in all retail outlets except specialist tobacconists. Specialist tobacconists have until 31 December 2014 to adjust to the new display restrictions (2012)
  • Smoking banned in all covered passenger transport waiting areas (2012)
  • Smoking banned within 10 metres of children's playground equipment (2012)
  • Local Councils and other bodies able to apply to have a certain area or event declared non-smoking (2012)
  • Australian Government extends existing advertising restrictions to internet advertising of tobacco products (2012)
  • Australian Government reduces the duty free allowance for tobacco products from 250g to 50g per person (2012)
  • Australian Government introduces plain packaging of tobacco products and expanded graphic health warnings ( 2012)
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